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NUnit Results Explorer is a simple application that can be used to view NUnit XML result files. The source code comes in the form of a Visual C# Express 2010 solution.

Compilation Instructions

Simply download the source code, and open up the NUnitResultsExplorer.sln file in either Visual C# 2010 Express, or a version of Visual Studio 2010 which supports programming in C#. If you have NUnit 2.5.7 installed, the unit tests are run as part of a post build step, and use the NUnit 2.5.7 console test runner. Check the post build step in the NUnitResultsTests project and ensure that the path to the console runner is correct.

If you don't have NUnit 2.5.7, you can simply avoid building the NUnitResultsTests project by excluding it in the configuration manager or removing it from the solution.

Usage Instructions

Run the NUnitResultsExplorer.exe file, and hit Ctrl+O. Choose an NUnit 2.5.7 XML results file and open it. The results should be displayed in the tree view on the left. Click a node to view more information.

You should hopefully see something like this:



If NUnit Results Explorer has trouble opening a file, it will report any problems via an errors/warnings dialog.


If you are getting this dialog when trying to open a valid test result XML file with a supported version of NUnit, please let me know through the Issue Tracker tab on this site. Please include the contents of the XML results file if possible, as this will help in resolving any issues.

Please report any bugs using the same mechanism.


If you have any suggestions on how to make NUnit Results Explorer better, please use the Issue Tracker tab to request a feature.

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